Friday, May 11, 2007

New Members and New Opportunities!

Please pray for our community this summer as we grow with new members, new dynamics, and new focus on our work:

Eligio Araya has recently moved into the house with us.
Trey Thompson, our summer intern, will be here next week.
Chris and Katie Brennan-Homiak are moving into the neighborhood in June.
And Eric will be on break from his teaching, and no longer with the church, so he can focus more on the neighborhood.

During our next Friday Night Clarification meeting, May 25th, we plan to watch a DVD on the Lost Boys of Sudan. We hope to learn more about the lives of our new neighbors from Somalia. After May, we will be taking a break from our Clarification Meetings, and will resume in August or September. However, we will continue our Friday Night Sharing throughout the summer months.

We also hope to transition our Community Meal to be a serving meal for homeless and needy families in our area. We are exploring this now, and expect it will mean new opportunities for volunteers!