Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Christ's Wisdom

So I awake from a peace-filled night
How is it that I stumble and fall?
Have I forgotten the wisdom of Christ,
to love with your whole heart, mind and soul,
God and the beauty God has given us,
the beauty of family, friends, strangers, guests.
Christ's wisdom commands us to begin to try
and love our enemies
not seven times
but seven times seventy!
A life full of trying
to love each other as Christ loves us
and to try
and to try
and to try ...
Thank you Jesus Christ, my friend and companion,
for showering our earth
with your wisdom.

~Steve Francis Joseph Sheridan

We are asking for communities & individuals to partner with us to support the apartments.

Such gifts help us to offer hospitality with the abundance befitting God's love and grace, and create a redistribution of resources that embody God's Beloved Community on earth as in heaven. Families will take the furnishings to start their new home. Presently we need vacuums, tables & chairs, dressers, working bikes & fans.