Saturday, May 22, 2010

June 16-19 KC peace & resistance conference

Dear Friends of Cherith Brook,

Please consider attending a peace & resistance conference in KC.

On June 16-19, come to Juneteenth Celebration: Abolition of Slavery! Abolition of Nukes!–sponsored by PeaceWorks, Physicians for Social Responsibility-KC, and East Meets West of Troost. The conference aims to raise consciousness about the Kansas City Plant, which makes parts for nuclear weapons, and to witness for peace. Here’s a description of the conference events, all free and open to the public.

On June 16, 5-9 p.m., take nonviolence training after potluck at St. Mark Union Church, 11th & Euclid.

On June 17, at noon, hear “If You Love This Planet—Medical Consequences of Nuclear Weapons Production/Nuclear Energy Production,” a talk by Helen Caldicott, M.D., Australian pediatrician and author, at KU Medical Center (room TBA) at 39th and Rainbow. Stay for lunch.

On June 17, 3-6 pm, join “Grassroots Nuclear Abolition”—workshops & potluck at St. Mark Union Church. The one-hour workshops will be intense, covering these topics: workers’ illnesses from work at the Kansas City Plant; going from nuke-maker/military to urban farmer; weapons economy vs. a wiser, greener planet; dialogue for nuclear disarmament; environmental consequences of nuclear war; overview of the entire nuclear weapons complex; KC’s nuclear bomb plant; and nonviolent resistance.

On June 17, 7-10 pm, attend “Grassroots Nuclear Abolition: Solutions for Health, the Environment & Economic Justice”—speakers and concert at All Souls UU Church, 4501 Walnut. Speakers include Caldicott, author of If You Love This Planet and Nuclear Power Is Not the Answer; Bill Wickersham, coauthor of Confronting Nuclear War: The Role of Education, Religion and the Community; Steven Starr, PSR senior scientist, expert in environmental consequences of nuclear war; Jay Coghlan, head of NukeWatch New Mexico; Sasteh Mosley, head of East Meets West of Troost, employing at-risk youth.

On June 18, witness for peace through civil resistance to the KC Plant.

On June 19, come to 18th & Highland for Juneteenth activities re urban farming, recycling, green jobs.

For more info, contact Jane Stoever at 913-206-4088 or, or see Thanks to all of you friends of Cherith Brook for your mighty witness for hospitality and joyful peace!

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