Monday, August 2, 2010

“Close It! Clean It! Don’t Repeat It!”

Peace people from KC & around the country will gather Aug. 13-16
for the KC Nuclear Weapons Plant Conference

“Close It! Clean It! Don’t Repeat It!”

What’s that all about?

Well, the city of Kansas City, Missouri has sold $687 million dollars
of municipal bonds, backed by the feds, and groundbreaking has begun
for a new mind-boggling $4.8 billion dollar KC Plant, the first new
U.S. nuclear weapons plant to be built in over 30 years! It is a
complex public-private scheme that uses "urban blight" funds to
develop a soy bean field on the southern border of the city.

The current KC Plant is the primary producer of non-fissile nuclear
bomb parts - mechanical, electronic- and engineered materials.
KC makes the Bomb work! The Plant is contaminated 50 feet
underground with hundreds of hazardous chemicals and radioactive
materials, as well as the underlying water aquifer and rivers that run
nearby. Hundreds of workers have cancers and other serious illnesses,
and many have already died.

The new plant, to be built north of the former Richards Gebaur base,
is the first of three new U.S. nuclear weapons plants. The other two
are proposed for New Mexico (plutonium pits) and Tennessee (uranium
secondaries). This would expand our nuclear bomb production
capability and increase spending for nuclear weapons to the tune of
$80 billion dollars over the next 10 years!

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